Efofex at QAMT – Sunshine Coast PD Opportunity

Paul Hooper, managing director of Efofex, will be at the QAMT conference, Brisbane SHS,  on June 30 and July 1. We have offered to present a “Making the Most FX Draw” session at the conference and are currently waiting confirmation from the conference organisers to see if this is possible. Either way, if you are at the conference, come and say hello.

We will also be spending the two weeks prior to the conference touring the Sunshine Coast and are available for in-school professional development sessions during this period. If you are interested in organising a session, contact info@efofex.com.

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New Sine/Cosine Curve Drawing Tool for FX Draw

The new FX Sketch allows you to draw freehand sine and cosine curves, so we decided to add a sine/cosine curve drawing tool to FX Draw. The new tool will be included in the upcoming FX Sketch release of FX Draw.

Take a look at this short video to see the new tool in action.

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FX Sketch – Sneak Peek

FX Sketch
We have been busily working on a fantastic new addition to the Efofex stable – FX Sketch. Click on the image to watch a very short video. More news next week!


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Global Scales

We introduced the idea of a global scale with our dimension tool.

You can change the global scale and all dimensions were remeasured using the new scale. For example, if we change the global scale to 4:1, the dimensions now appear as,

Unfortunately, the global scale was hidden away and only affected dimensions. In the latest version we have added the global scale, and unit selection, to the main toolbar. More importantly, the scale now affect ALL measurements produced by FX Draw.

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New Dilation Option

We have introduced a new dilation option that allows you to scale selected objects.

1. Draw an object and select it.

2. We have added another control button to your selection. Grab this to scale the whole object.

3. Release the mouse button

This feature was the direct result of a suggestion from a customer. If YOU have a great idea for something FX Draw could do, send it to us. You too can help FX Draw become a better product.

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Welcome to the New (Southern Hemisphere) School Year

Efofex would like to wish all of our southern hemisphere customers a most successful new school year. We have lots of new features planned for you, including what is probably the most exciting new FX Draw feature we have ever produced – but more on that later.

In the short term we have added a number of new features to FX Draw, most of which have come directly from teacher suggestions. We will discuss those in the next few articles.

We hope you all enjoy your 2018!

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Secure Website

We have recently upgraded our website so that it supports the https:// secure web protocol. We had previously had secure pages for credit card payments but now the whole website can be accessed using the secure protocol. Even though the change makes little difference to how secure our operations are, this is the way that the web is moving and we have to move with the times.

The change will have minimal effect on how you use Efofex in the short term but eventually we will change the website so that access MUST be through https. This WILL affect how our new cloud products access registration information and data.

New versions of all of our products, that utilize https will be released in the new year. We will not force https access for six months so everybody has ample time to move to the new versions. In the long term, you will need to have the newer versions to use the cloud based features.

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