Efofex Cloud Product Release

We are excited to announce the release of our new Efofex Cloud products! After a very successful beta process, we have even managed to get them out of the door a little early.

What Has Changed?

Either nothing or everything, depending on your point of view.

All of our six products (FX Draw, FX Equation, FX Graph, FX Stat, FX Chem and FX ChemStruct) have all had minor upgrades and improvements but the real changes are under the surface. Those changes will affect different people in different ways.

I Want to Keep Using Efofex on Word for Windows, Just Like I Always Have!

No problem. From your point of view the changes are minimal. You can keep using things in exactly the same way you always have. There have been almost no changes to how the products operate for you, but there still have been some improvements that will make your life (and the lives of those you collaborate with) easier.

  • Any new graphics you create can be opened by someone on a Mac computer without any extra work from you.
  • The registration system has been upgraded so the old process of entering a new unlock code every year goes away.
  • The Help system has been moved online which means that you will have access to more up-to-date information.

I Have Been Using Efofex on a Mac. Is Efofex Cloud Better?

An unequivocal YES! If you have been using Connections, you will find the process a bit similar but without the downsides. The best thing is that you can now put your graphics anywhere but still edit them later and you no longer have to keep track of a separate data file.

I Want To Use Efofex Graphics in Google Docs (or Pages, Keynote, OneNote, PowerPoint, Seqta, Moodle…) Can I?

Yes. Just as easily as anywhere else.

So What Has Changed?

Two things. Efofex graphics programs now store their data in a central database that is backed up into the cloud. They also place an invisible ID into every graphic they produce which allows them to find the graphic’s data later on. To edit a graphic, you place it onto the clipboard and change to the Efofex product. It will find the ID and load the appropriate data, either from your local database or from the cloud. This means that you can place graphics anywhere, on any computer, and edit them later.

When Can I Start?

Right now. Go to our downloads page and download the latest FX MathPack or FX SciencePack. If you are a current subscriber, you can start using the new versions straight away. If you hold perpetual licenses, there is more information on our Prices and Ordering page on what you can do.

I Have Been Told That We Are Moving To Google Docs. Can This Help?

Yes! Moving Efofex Cloud graphics to Google Docs is trivial.

More Info?

We have created some videos to show you the different ways that Efofex Cloud can be used (with many more to come!)
Introducing Efofex Cloud
Efofex Cloud – The Basic Process
Efofex Cloud – Editing Creates A New Graphic

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Efofex Cloud Beta – Please Help

Efofex Cloud Beta Available!

We are very excited to announce the public availability of the Efofex Cloud Beta – and we need your help.

Before we get to that, we had better explain what Efofex Cloud is. Take a look at this short video.

Efofex Cloud does a number of things:

  • It makes Efofex graphics available in FAR more contexts. You can (for example) easily create, use and edit graphics in a Google Docs document. In fact you can now use Efofex graphics just about anywhere!
  • It is completely cross platform. Our old systems relied on an old Windows technology (OLE) to work their best. This has never been available on the Mac so Mac users were second class citizens. Efofex Cloud fixes that.
  • All of your graphics are backed up in the cloud. All you need is your account login and all of your graphics can be quickly moved to a new computer.
  • You can share with anyone.
  • It moves support for graphics into the cloud, where we can do more with them. We are currently looking at web-based access so you could use Efofex on just about any device, not just Windows and Mac computers.

The basic process of using Efofex Cloud is simple. Take a look at this quick video showing the Basic Process to use FX Draw with Google Docs.

At this point you might have a few questions. So here are some answers for you.

So Will I Have To Learn Lots Of New Stuff?

No. Efofex Cloud is made up of the same six products that operate in almost exactly the same way as previously. The only real change is how you place graphics into documents and how you edit them later. This is shown in the Basic Process video. Most of the time you will feel totally at home.

I Just Use Efofex With Word On A Windows Machine. Do I Have To Change?

No. You can keep doing exactly what you are doing now. The new Efofex Cloud versions WILL silently upgrade your images as you create them to the new system so you can change over extremely easily in the future if you wish. This process is totally “invisible”.

Does My Machine Need Internet Access to Use Efofex Cloud?

Yes and no. The system will operate without access to the internet but nothing will be backed up and you will not be able to edit anyone else’s graphics. To use the full power of Efofex Cloud, you need Internet access.

We Need Your Help!

We have been exhaustively testing the new systems for the last six months but we now need more people testing it so we are asking for your help. If you are an FX MathPack or FX SciencePack subscriber, you can download the new versions from here.

FX MathPack Cloud Beta (Windows)
FX MathPack Cloud Beta (Mac)
FX SciencePack Cloud Beta (Windows)
FX SciencePack Cloud Beta (Mac)

These are beta software packages. Any graphics that you create or edit whilst using the betas will not be able to be opened in older versions. What we would like you to do is to try out the new products and report back anything you find (send information to info@efofex.com).

If you decide that you are happy to try the betas, send us an email (info@efofex.com) and we will keep you informed of any changes we make.

Other Changes

There are two other changes in these new versions that are significant.

  • We have created a new registration system that automatically polls our registration server and detects any changes in your subscription status. This will end having to enter a new unlock code whenever you extend your subscription. Basically, do it once and forget about it.
  • We have moved all of our Help systems to the web. This makes it much easier to keep everything up to date which means that you will have access to timely information. We can also embed videos directly into the Help system which will make explaining some things much easier. You can look at the new help system at:

Efofex Help

Full Release

We are expecting full release of the new versions in February 2017

Please try the new versions! Your input can make a difference.

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Efofex Cloud – February 2017

In February 2017, Efofex will be releasing new cloud-enabled versions of our popular mathematics products. They allow you to create, use and edit Efofex graphics just about anywhere. Stay tuned for more details.

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Our Products Reporting That Windows Files Are Missing

This post has been moved to our documentation web site.

Our Products Reporting That Windows Files Are Missing


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Code Not Sticking? Try a Fresh Download


I am entering my FX MathPack code but the product is not recognising it. What should I do?


About a year ago we had to make a small change to our registration code system. The codes look the same but the old system had a small flaw that was preventing us from generating expiry dates past 2018 – so a change had to be made.

Some older versions can cope with the new codes (we had anticipated the change a year earlier and started building in the capability) but many schools are still using old versions that predate the change.

So… If you are entering your new FX MathPack code but it is being rejected (or seemingly forgotten) by the products, try downloading fresh versions. It will almost certainly fix the problem AND you will be getting all of the latest features, fixes and improvements.

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Sinusoidal Regression and Data Generation

We have added a new sinusoidal data generator and regression calculation to FX Stat and FX Draw. They have been included in the latest uploads.

Data Generator

The new data generator is available from the data generator toolbar.

Simply enter the parameters you wish FX Stat/FX Draw to use for the sine curve, select an amount of “noise” to add to the data and push OK.

A bivariate data set is produced that can be graphed on a scattergraph.

At the moment, FX Stat is trying to fit a linear regression equation to the data (not very successfully!) By right clicking on the graph, we can change the regression equation in use.

By selecting Sinusoidal Regression, FX Stat will fit a sine curve to the data.

The summary statistics pane will offer you a number of versions of the curve’s equation.

All of these equations are equivalent.

Please note that the calculation of sinusoidal regression equations is not as simple as other regression equations and there are always a number of possible solutions. FX Stat/FX Draw will produce an equation with the longest possible cycle-length (you could, for example, produce a sine curve with a far shorter period than the one shown above that actually “fits” the data better) and the results are similar to those produced using other tools like graphics calculators. There are some cases however, particularly if you have multiple cycles worth of data, where FX Stat/FX Draw may find a solution you were not expecting.

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New Circle Points Feature

The same user that suggested the conic section tools also suggested this new feature.

FX Draw 6.003.2 also includes a new feature which adds point to circles.

Draw a circle and select it. When you right click on the circle you will be offered a new suggestion to add dividing points.

Tell FX Draw how many points to add.

FX Draw will add the points to the circle.

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