Code Not Sticking? Try a Fresh Download


I am entering my FX MathPack code but the product is not recognising it. What should I do?


About a year ago we had to make a small change to our registration code system. The codes look the same but the old system had a small flaw that was preventing us from generating expiry dates past 2018 – so a change had to be made.

Some older versions can cope with the new codes (we had anticipated the change a year earlier and started building in the capability) but many schools are still using old versions that predate the change.

So… If you are entering your new FX MathPack code but it is being rejected (or seemingly forgotten) by the products, try downloading fresh versions. It will almost certainly fix the problem AND you will be getting all of the latest features, fixes and improvements.

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Sinusoidal Regression and Data Generation

We have added a new sinusoidal data generator and regression calculation to FX Stat and FX Draw. They have been included in the latest uploads.

Data Generator

The new data generator is available from the data generator toolbar.

Simply enter the parameters you wish FX Stat/FX Draw to use for the sine curve, select an amount of “noise” to add to the data and push OK.

A bivariate data set is produced that can be graphed on a scattergraph.

At the moment, FX Stat is trying to fit a linear regression equation to the data (not very successfully!) By right clicking on the graph, we can change the regression equation in use.

By selecting Sinusoidal Regression, FX Stat will fit a sine curve to the data.

The summary statistics pane will offer you a number of versions of the curve’s equation.

All of these equations are equivalent.

Please note that the calculation of sinusoidal regression equations is not as simple as other regression equations and there are always a number of possible solutions. FX Stat/FX Draw will produce an equation with the longest possible cycle-length (you could, for example, produce a sine curve with a far shorter period than the one shown above that actually “fits” the data better) and the results are similar to those produced using other tools like graphics calculators. There are some cases however, particularly if you have multiple cycles worth of data, where FX Stat/FX Draw may find a solution you were not expecting.

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New Circle Points Feature

The same user that suggested the conic section tools also suggested this new feature.

FX Draw 6.003.2 also includes a new feature which adds point to circles.

Draw a circle and select it. When you right click on the circle you will be offered a new suggestion to add dividing points.

Tell FX Draw how many points to add.

FX Draw will add the points to the circle.

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New Conic Sections Tools for FX Draw

These new features were inspired by a user suggestion (thanks MS).

We have uploaded a new FX Draw (V6.003.2) that includes three new conic sections tools.

These allow you to quickly and easily draw conic sections using the locus model.

We have also updated the three ellipse tools so that they can mark their own vertices, axes, foci and directrices.

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New Line Division Feature for FX Draw

We have added a new feature to FX Draw. The new feature has been included in the 6.002.0 release.

You can now divide any line by adding dividing points to the line.

First select the line, then right click on it and choose Add Dividing Points…

Now enter how many parts you wish to divide the line into. You can also choose to add points to the ends of the line.

The points are attached to the line and will move with it.

You can also delete the line and the equally spaced points will remain on the canvas.

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New Mac Versions

We have uploaded new Mac versions of our products. These new versions address two issues.

1. Recently we have received reports that the Connect To Word feature was not operating correctly. It transpired that Microsoft has recently modified how Word responds to one of our requests and this was confusing the Connection system. Our new versions work around this change.

2. We are now Apple Identified Developers which will make the GateKeeper application on your Mac much happier. All products are now signed with our developer certificate.

We have had to temporarily remove the FX MathPack and FX SciencePack downloads as the digital signatures are not surviving the packaging process. In the short term, all this means is that you will need to download the constituent products separately. In other words, if you are an FX MathPack subscriber, you just need to download the four products: FX Draw, FX Equation, FX Graph and FX Stat rather than getting all four products in one download.

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A Radical New Feature for FX Chem

This new feature was inspired by a user suggestion (thanks IK!)

We recently uploaded a new version of FX Chem (3.003.2) which introduces a radical new feature – literally.

Now, if you type a radical with a free electron, something like OH. (with the full stop) FX Chem will automatically convert the full stop to a raised dot.


The new version can be downloaded now by holders of licenses for FX Chem 3 and any current FX SciencePack subscriber.

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